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Where to Enjoy your UK Family Holidays in 2014

Where to Enjoy your UK Family Holidays in 2014

When it comes to holiday venues with family in the UK, the question is not normally where to go but rather where to start because the list of favorable destinations to enjoy in 2014 is practically endless. There are so many places where you can find large houses to rent as a base and then explore beautiful corners of this amazing country.


This is an excellent playground for the whole family; it is an award winning woodland which contains walking and cycling trains through 61 acres of natural beauty. It is a place where the family can enjoy being outdoors and be adventurous. There are places designated for BBQ and picnic sites. There are seasonal events held there for the whole family including Fairy Gardens, Chestnut celebrations and Moths by moonlight.


The Cotswolds is the perfect place for a kids holiday in the UK. Discover the medieval quality of the beautiful Cotswolds that owes its wealth of fine churches to sheep wool. The churches form an important part of the natural landscape of Cotswolds and dominantly tell the history of this great land in their own special way. It is a place of gentle rolling hills between enticing cities of Stratford upon Avon, Bath and Oxford. It’s quintessential England with pretty villages of honey colored stone, manor houses, charming wool churches, dry stone walls and country pubs.

There is a lot to see and do in Cotswolds for the whole family amidst the most enchanting natural settings in the UK which includes strolling in lush leafy gardens, walking the Cotswolds Way, watch wildlife in Cotswolds Farm Park, catch a play at the historic Everman Theatre and dine at Michelin-starred restaurant. The list of things to do with a family in Cotswolds is rather long, not forgetting to stay in the cozy log cabins at Water Park.


This is an award winning beach and listed as ‘An Area of outstanding Natural Beauty’. Take one look at the long stretch of golden sand and discover why it had to be awarded. Your family can enjoy playing on the sand and dining in the cafes lined along this glorious beach.


You do not need to travel far to enjoy a great safari, in Woburn Safari Park your family can enjoy spotting spectacular wildlife. Take a Safari drive trail along the park and as you spot rhinos, lions, tigers, elephants and many more; see the look on the kids faces as they enjoy and learn about the animals in the park.


All the kids would love the magic of visiting the Harry Potter scenes where the movies were shot on location, it’s time to grab your broom stick and fly.

Glenfinnan, Viaduct Scotland:  This is where the Ford Anglia lands on its way to Hogwarts School of Wizards in the Chamber of Secrets 2002. You can cross the viaduct in a Hogwarts Express style in a steam locomotive.

Glencoe Scotland: As you delve deeper into Scotland to see Glencoe where the dramatic landscape around Hogwarts was filmed. Let the children recognize the Steal Falls at Glen Nevis from the Tri-Wizard tournament in the Goblet of Fire (2005).

Where to Enjoy your UK Family Holidays in 2014


How to Find The Best Golf Travel Insurance

As you prepare to embark on that long awaited golf holiday one of the key things to keep in mind is a suitable travel insurance policy. A good policy will let you enjoy your holidays better because you have a plan. We all anticipate for the best during our vacations but being prepared for the worst is not a premonition for doom but just a precaution for being on safe ground in case anything unpleasant comes up. It can be the difference between an unpleasant incident on your otherwise great holiday, and a financially ruinous holiday.

Golf travel insurance differs from normal travel insurance as it is tailored to cater for the specific needs of a golfer. It comes with various extraordinary extras that are essential when going on a golf holiday to any part of the world.


Any golfer will attest to the fact that golf equipments do not come cheap and the last thing that any golfer wants to happen is lose their equipment. Typically golf insurance provides cover for theft or damage to your golf equipment and also covers non-refundable green fees that are already paid for or contacted to pay for and cannot get back in case of cancellation due to one reason or another. Golf insurance may also include golf equipment for hire.

Some policies will also cover for end supplier failures such as airlines or hotels busting after you have already paid for your trip. Other inclusions may feature cover for personal items, missed departures and hospital benefit.


Most insurers consider golf to be a ‘low risk’ endeavor and any injuries sustained are most likely to be covered by a standard travel insurance policy. Hence be aware of insurers who might classify golf as one of the ‘risky sports’ on their policies as they may be corny. Generally golf is stated as a Grade 1 sport of little risk but you must check with several providers. If you injure someone while playing the game you are unlikely to be covered unless it states on the certificate that your policy includes additional cover while playing the sport.

Since golf is not such a risky sport some insurers may offer to cover pre-existing medical conditions, just negotiate your way to get the best deals.


You need to keep all the receipts of all the golf equipments that you may be travelling with so that it would be easier to make claims in case of damage or theft. This also helps you access other equipments for hire in case you lose yours and also when you need replacement.


After you have done your research on all that a good policy should cover then you are free to shop around and get the best deals available. There are several reputable sites that give you access to the most competitive rates available online. Peruse carefully through the best and take your pick. It may all seem like a challenging task but you will never be sorry you did the right thing.

How to Find The Best Golf Travel Insurance


Holidays to Greece It's Not Just the Islands

Holidays to Greece: It’s Not Just the Islands

Holidays in Greece are synonymous with islands, beaches, fun and entertainment, but there is more to it than just the islands. Greece boasts of intriguing and twisted history, rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisines.

Greece is a true paradise for cultural tourism; it offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to delve into the arts and history of Greece. Traces of ancient and important parts of history are still etched on every corner of Greek land. Precious findings from the prehistoric and archaic periods, exceptional works from the medieval, Hellenistic, Classical and Byzantine monuments, creations from folk art cultures and traces of past civilizations all co-exist in harmony with current creations.

Archeological sites such as Delphi, Knossos the signature Acropolis of Athena’s and Olympia are of the most famed sites in Greece; some are even more recognizable as you may have seen them on brochures. Delphi may have in the past been considered as the center of the earth and once you visit this place you will be intrigued by its mysterious sense of sacred character that resonates from the presence of the ancient oracle. Knossos on the other hand reveals the ancient Palace of the Minoan civilization whilst climbing the rock of Acropolis in Athens will enchant you with its architectural masterpieces such as the temple of Athena amongst other awe inspiring structures. Olympia is also not left behind as it was built to commemorate the Olympic Games and still attracts many travelers to explore its ancient beauty.

Religion has been part and parcel of humankind as far as anyone can remember and Greece is a fantastic destination to explore religious centers and also take part in religious festivities. Greeks as well as visitors are stunned by Greece’s majestic churches of the Byzantine era, numerous rural churches and metochia, sacred places ideal for pilgrimage and awe inspiring religious sites. The sites are varied and diverse each representing a special era and various dogmas and religions and they all co-exist in a state of ongoing dialogue which highlight the unique historic and cultural mosaic of Greece.

Some of Greece’s most attractive religious centers include the monastic community of Mount Athos, the monasteries of Mateora and the Cave of Apocalypse. Who can forget Patmos where the Saint John saw the end time visions? Such sites with their divine immanence and their representation of a force beyond human understanding have led to expressions of religious sentiments over the centuries and still attract pilgrims from all over the world.

Greece offers you more than just island experiences, the Greece gastronomy has recorded a history of over 4000 years and features specialties found on the islands. In fact the first ever cook book boasts of roots from Greece. The best way to experience the culture is taste the delicacies associated with such a place. As you take a gastronomic tour of Greek you will discover that there is more than just the ‘moussaka,’ ‘souvlaki’ and ‘choriatiki’ (Greek Salad) as you taste more worthwhile dishes.

Holidays to Greece It's Not Just the Islands